VidhyaMatric Activities

Interest and education go hand in hand to bring the best out of each scholar. Vidhya School has realized the potential of inculcating extracurricular and co curricular activities in the syllabus in order to supplement the holistic growth and ideology of each learner. Our school takes great pride in sharing the perfect proportion which our staff has managed to strike in order to make learning easy, quick and fun.

Co-Curricular Activities

At Vidhya School we spend a great amount of time in thinking, planning and organizing innovative activities which not only prepares the child for future endeavors when he steps outside the school boundary but also shapes him into a competent human being…

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Extra Curricular Activities

Since we are aware of the benefits of sports and other physical workouts we encourage students to voluntarily participate in sports of their desire. Moreover sports instill discipline and team spirit in the players which indirectly gets reflected in their engagement with the peer group and teachers in the class….

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Academic education is incomplete without co-curricular club activities. Club activities in schools will benefit you in multiple ways.Club activities will make you more qualified, enough confident as well as a capable person who can lead the situation

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